Jun 27, 2007


Guess it was gonna happen sooner or later and it has. Welcome to the first film on this blog which I don't reccomend you watch. It's called Zhest and its a weird Russian film which was suggested to me by an online buddy whose taste in eclectic and off beat films I greatly admire and respect.

Sadly despite the glowing reccomendation of mon ami , this film is just weird. Part horror / Part thriller the film is all weird. A story of a feistly female journalist and her journey into hell on the worst day of her life. Populated by characters who make the hillbillies in "Deliverance" look warm and cuddly, the film is severely hamstrung by the abysmally bad acting and the incomprehensible storyline.

The film does have its good points though. It's been amazingly well shot in an pleasing pictorialistic manner and also boasts some stellar prouction design. Add to that one of the most exhilirating car chase scenes I have seen. Too bad all these elements weren't used in a better film rather than this one.

If you really wanna see contemporary big budget russian cinema or are simply enthralled by slick filmmaking then u could have a dekko. Otherwise just watch "Nightwatch"instead.

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