Jun 13, 2007

Voices from a Distant Star - Makoto Shinkai

I have a new hero and his name is Makoto Shinkai. Just finished watching one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful romantic films I have ever seen. And what's really astonishing that it's a 25 min OVA anime film.

Oh my god I was crying like a baby at the end of the film and my eyes are still wet as I write this. To think that Makoto made the entire film all by himself on his Mac with his wife helping him. It just makes me filled with awe. I swear at times I was wondering to myself whether Kieslowski himself didn't make this film.

Im not going to spoil the plot for anyone but its a really simple one. I really love the gender reversals where the girl is the warrior fighting and it's the boy who stayed back.

I really can't praise the film enough. Hauntingly poetic visuals and supercharged emotions bound in this masterpiece. Can't wait to see the rest of Makoto's films. The last scene in space reminds me so much of one of all my time fav climaxes ie "The Big Blue".

Oh man those images of the messages travelling through space gave me goosepimples. As one reviewer said and I wholeheartedly agree "Shinkai could direct traffic and I'd pay to watch".

The fact that I can be so affected is perhaps an indication that despite all my hard bitten ways. I am a old fashioned romantic after all.

Fav Moment - The last scene in space.......... Im still crying.

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avon said...

It's heartbreakingly beautiful, with snow patrol's run as the background music... I have tears streaming down my face in the school lab.