Aug 18, 2007


Been two weeks since the last update. Haven't been watching a lot of stuff anyways.
The films are

1) Exiled
2) 9th Company
3) Essex Boys
4) My Life without Me
5) Ghosts of the Civil Dead
6) Sylvia
7) Before Night Falls

All are great films by sheer blind luck despite their varying genres.

Aug 5, 2007


Decent legal thriller. Bit bland though. Not Gosling's finest hour.

The Bourne Ultimatum - Paul Greengrass

Sweet Mother of God !!!!!
Drop whatevah u are doing and go watch this film right away.
Im going back tomm to watch it.


Aug 4, 2007

The Score so Far

Ok in about 2 months I have reviewed about 40 films (short films and TV series are considered to be films as well. Thats not a bad score. Ive prob seen 10% more stuff but have forgotten or neglected to review it. Of course Im not even counting stuff I have seen previously.

Taking into consideration that the TV series are an hour each for every episode I guess Im doing pretty well. Also I have been shooting pretty much all the time since July. So I guess if by October I can hit anything between 80-100 that will be awesome but I dont think that's likely.

60-70 is a more sensible number given the shooting commitments I have lined up. Still it's been fun. :-)


So many films....So litte time to write reviews


1) Love is the Devil (Awesome)
2) Of Freaks and Men (Awesome)
3) Lord Jim (Good)
4) Vidocq (Good)
5) Martin Scorsese's Journey through American Films (Fucking Awesome)
6) Cube (Good)

Next up will hopefully be the "Bourne Ultimatum" review.