Jun 12, 2007

Photographer - Anne Liebovitz

Ok just managed to watch a documentary today but it was pretty good although it just skimmed the surface. It was about one of my fav photographers ie Annie Liebovitz aka the high priestess of Vanity Fair. Though the docu was quite dated circa 1994 it still had enough tidbits and insight to keep me engrossed during its short 50 min span.

Annie discussed her childhood, influences, techniques and her problem with drugs in a quite candid fashion which is very refreshing. What was an absolute bonus was a totally unexpected cameo by the now deceased legendary and reclusive Hunter S.Thompson of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" fame. Add to that bytes from Mick Jagger and the neo-hippie in me was delirious with excitement.

My problem with the docu was that it was too short, too dated and didnt really illuminate much on her artistic and aesthetic philosophy that much. But maybe Im asking for too much. Still waiting for the definitive film on the life and times of Annie Liebovitz.

Fav Moment- Hunter S. Thompson admitting that his brain is fried from having too many drugs in the 70's and can't remember much of his association with Annie.

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angel in a black dress said...

well teh defining moment in your post is the the last paragraph!! brilliant undoubtedly!