Jun 11, 2007

Ghost in the Shell : Solid State Society

Was planning to watch "Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" but caught Solid State while flipping through TV while looking for South Park. Whopeeee.

I've always been a huge and vocal fan of the "Ghost in the Shell" universe ever since I saw the original film years ago. Used to watch Stand Alone Complesx back in Bombay on Animax.

Boy does this film fucking rock or what. Visually stunning as ever and with enough philosiphical underpinnings to delight any cyberpunk fan, this film is a must see. Add to that the return of the Major to Section 9 and the pulsating electronic / hip hop soundtrack, I was a happily mesmerized otaku for the entire running time.

The Cinematography was gorgeous as is normally the case but the shot selection was truly inspired esp during the action sequences. I think Im gonna put it on my Netflix

Fav Moment - Batou jumping of a huge tower trying to catch a renegade sniper.

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