Jul 1, 2007

Weekend Update

Well this has been a frutiful weekend. Though I was busy shooting I did find time to read and watch some truly virtuoso pieces of art.

In chronological order

1) Whiteout and Whiteout: Melt - Greg Rucka's brilliant graphic novel series about murder in the South Pole. Visually unique in the sense that its so awesome to construct a noir-ish story in black and white when the setting is Antartica. Fabulously cinematic and Im not surprised that the film version is out next year starring the yummy Kate Beckinsale. :-)

2) More - Gorgeous and profound stop motion short film with an extremely powerful yet personal message. It's amazing that despite being totally bereft of dialogs how the visuals and claymation characters were able to portray such vivid emotions and plot. Standing ovation for Mark Osborne.

3) Signal to Noise - Creative Superstar Comic book team of Neil Gaiman and Dave Mckean reunite to create this stunning tour de force. Ostensibly bout a filmmaking facing his mortality, the book goes much deeper. Gaiman is brilliant is usual but the real star here is Mckean with his sublime mixed media palette of visual storytelling. Maya Deren would approve.

4) Man on the Train - Perfect film. Roger Ebert in his film said that he cant find any flaws in this film and I totally concur. Gorgeously shot and beautifully acted, this film is the sort you dont find in abundance these days ie a an intimate character study about male friendship akin to "Sideways". Perfect Cinema........

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