Jul 27, 2007

Neo Noir Festival

Watched 3 cracking Neo-Noir Films back to back. Man I so love Film Noir with their femme fatales and twists in the tail. What was really great that none of the films were from America. 2 were slick procedurals while one was a snorter of a Brit Gangsta flick.

1) Tattoo (Germany) - My fav of the 3. Slick urban thriller with a fab climax.

2) Gangster No 1 - If you thought that Paul Bettany could only do romantic/comedy roles u gotta watch this film. He's amazing as the psychotic and ruthless gangster.

3) Tell Me Something (Korea) - Good film but would have been much better if half and hour had been chopped off. Too many indulgent and introspective shots. Still a worthy effort.

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