Jul 10, 2007

Comic Book Update 1

Hadnt really been reading comics for a while now. Got so much into work and watching films that they kinda slipped. Recently however I got kinda saturated with moving images and wanted to get back to my first love.

So here is the list of the Comics I have read since today morning

1) Scene of the Crime (Ed Brubaker) Fucking amazing film noir mini series. Perfect companion piece to Chinatown which Im sure is also a major influence. The denoument just leaves u gasping for breath. Brilliant. Would love to see a movie adaptation

2) Strain (Ikegama and Buronson) Fucking Hell. Fucking Bloody Hell. I would fucking kill to adapt this manga series into a film. Its so fucked up and insane that I love it. From the team that brought you "Sanctuary" here is another absolute masterpiece.

3) Blacksad Vols 2 & 3 - Sweet Jesus. One of the best written and most beautifully comic books ever. Sadly only three titles have been released. Would give anything for this to become a regular series. How can u not fall in love with a film noirish world poplulated by anthramorphic animals??? Fucking Amazing.

More soon.

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